Berry Kiri Frozen Bites


Kiri Mixture
-4 Kiri Square Portions
-1 tbsp of sweetened concentrated milk
-A sprinkle of vanilla sugar

Ball Mixture
-10 Raspberries, cut in half
-150g of dark chocolate


Step 1: Kiri Cream
-In a medium bowl, add a bit of the Kiri mixture, and use a spoon to mix together until you get a smooth texture.
-Add sweetened condensed milk and vanilla sugar, then mix.

Step 2: Making the Kiri balls
-In an ice-cube tray, add some of the Kiri Creamy mixture and top with pieces of cut Raspberries. Then cover with more Kiri Creamy mixture, smoothen the surface and place inside the freezer for 4 hours minimum.

Step 3: Cover with Chocolate

-In a water bath, or a microwave, melt the chocolate and set it aside to cool down
-Take out the frozen balls from the freezer and remove them from the ice-cube tray
-Using a fork, dip the frozen balls completely in the chocolate
-Leave for two minutes then place the balls in a closed container and keep in the freezer until ready to serve.